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Wearing a custom mouthguard can help athletes reduce the risk of sustaining a concussion by protecting and absorbing the impact to the teeth.

Mouthguards, custom fit by PRO-TEKT, are durable and comfortable while not inhibiting breathing, speaking, and drinking. Ideal for use in a variety of sports including hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, football, basketball, rugby, soccer, and extreme sports. Every PRO-TEKT custom mouthguard is as unique as the athlete and the sport they play.

We have three styles of mouthguards to suit your specific needs:


"Bring It On!"


GAMEguard / Plus / SSD
"Get In The Game!"

Bioguard SafeGuard GameGuard




All PRO-TEKT mouthguards feature PolyShoK™ high performance polymer. PolyShoK™ is the only material designed specifically to improve the protective nature of athletic mouthguards.  Standardized tests show that PolyShoK material is 151% more energy absorbent than other mouthguard materials.


“Designed by you,
made to protect.”

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