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The Animal Movers Inc - Humane Wildlife Removal Since 1999

We offer humane residential and commercial wildlife removal services in Newmarket, Aurora, North York, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Downsview and Woodbridge.

If you have unwelcome guests, The Animal Movers can help you evict them.

Wild animal pests, while often interesting to look at, can cause serious damage to your home or business, and put your family and pets at risk. Wild animals can be extremely territorial, and when threatened, many will become vicious in order to defend themselves and their young. In addition, a number of wild animal pests carry diseases or parasites that can infect humans and companion animals. The Animal Movers are wildlife removal experts. We have the training and equipment to deal with many wildlife removal situations, and will do so in a manner that will help minimize the potential damage to your home.

If you have a problem with wild animal pests in your home, call us at (416)-410-6323 or 1-800-322-0019. Our experienced wildlife removal pros will remove your wild animal pests safely and humanely, and will make repairs to your home that will keep them from moving right back in.



Leave it to the experts.

Wild animals can be territorial or just plain scared, and they will do everything they can to defend themselves and their young. Plus, you never know if they are disease carriers. We have the training and equipment to deal with any wildlife removal situation professionally to help minimize the damage to your home.

Raccoons may be cute, but...

These furry masked bandits are remarkably strong, and adults can be a real danger to children and pets. Their feces are also a threat, since many carry parasites.

Insulation fix

When animals walk around in your attic or nest in your insulation, energy efficiency goes right out the window. The Animal Movers  can blow more insulation into your attic to help you save energy and money.

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