Located in beautiful Newmarket, just 60 kilometers north of Toronto, Auto Select Repair is owned and operated by Franz Chwojka. 
Franz himself works side by side with hand picked, seasoned Porsche professionals.  They specialize in repairs to Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, but do work occasionally on other makes of cars as well.
If you visit Franz's shop you will  find a variety of different porsches inside the bays and outside in the lot waiting for their turn to be perfected.  Customers come from miles around to get the level of service and professionalism that is doled out daily at Auto Select Repair.
If you are a Porsche owner, or the proud owner of any exotic car, it would be well worth your while to take the drive up to Newmarket to meet Franz and check out Auto Select Repair.

Map to Auto Select Repair in Newmarket
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